Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney are legal documents that allow a person to appoint someone to make important decisions on their behalf, when they are no longer able to make such decisions for themselves.  Powers of attorney may relate to legal, financial or even medical decisions and should be considered by people of all ages, not just the elderly.

Much like our wills, our powers of attorney provide our clients with the certainty they need to know that their interests and wishes will be looked after.

At Hughes Watson Marks Kennedy, we pride ourselves on our supportive, reliable service and offer assistance with all types of powers of attorney, including:

  • Enduring powers of attorney
  • General non-enduring powers of attorney
  • Supportive attorney appointments
  • Medical treatment decision makers
  • Advance care directives
  • Guardianship & administration orders (VCAT)
  • Revoking powers of attorney

We also provide assistance to clients in relation to various VCAT applications, such as the appointment or cancellation of administrators and guardians, and disputes about powers of attorney.

We provide a flexible service and offer both home and hospital visits to clients who are unable to travel to our office.

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